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If your business is not taking advantage of the revolutionary methods of marketing itself through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms, you are definitely losing out. Facebook alone boasts over 2 billion users, so having a presence--a page or marketing strategy--on this single platform is essential.

A recent article by Inc. reported that 58% of shoppers use social media in combination with other platforms (search engines and websites) to make buying decisions. A full 85% of customers EXPECT businesses to be active in social media. And 36% of those shoppers trust brands more when they have a social media presence.

Clearly, an active social media presence is one of the most important marketing decisions a business can make today.

But just having a presence is not enough. You must actively market your brand through these channels. Do you know how to do this?

We do!

We provide full social media marketing management that meets your goals and objectives. Through our aggressive and expert strategies we get you more followers and more attention online. Specifically, our services provide:

Follower Acquisition. We help you get more followers and Likes on social media, drawing audiences to you through combinations of aggressive advertising and content creations that is shared among friends to make your business' message stand out and get noticed.

Original Content Creation. Your content must be original to be interesting. Content that's been seen before, is boring or out of date will not be noticed or shared (and THAT is the point!). We create original content, unique to you, that people engage with through likes, comments and shares. The outcome is social media marketing that works.

Full Management. For our low, flat fees we completely manage your social media marketing. Small business owners rarely have time to provide consistent content to their social media platforms, which ends up creating campaigns that fall well short of expectations and potential. We spend the time for you, hours every week, dedicated to building your brand so you can get back to your business.

Training. Unlike any other social media marketing agency in the area, we help you figure out how to do things for yourself. Our services include training for you or your employees in the methods and techniques of social media marketing so that you can take over and manage your own social media presence.

View our services and give us a call to help you develop a winning social media strategy today!

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