Social Media Marketing Training

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If you have a large staff and want to ensure successful social media implementation, you need to make sure that everyone participates. We can come to you and provide half-day or full-day, on-site training.

Each training plan is unique for your particular business and industry, and we can provide training for lower staff or for executives.

Each half-day training session is designed to provide a general understanding of social media, its benefits and use.

The full-day session is designed to provide "nuts and bolts" training so that each member present not only understands his or her role, but also understands exactly what and how to carry out that role.

Custom on-site training is also available.

Training can cover any or all of the following:

Social Media Marketing Basics

Facebook Marketing, Basics and Advanced Strategies

Twitter Marketing, Basics and Advanced Strategies

YouTube and Video Marketing

Blog Writing and Marketing

Creating Viral Campaigns

Creating Full-Scale Marketing Campaigns and Strategies


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