Why Word One Consulting is the Best Choice for Social Media Marketing

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Welcome to Word One Consulting, my name is Dr. Clinton R. Lanier.

My firm, Word One Consulting has been providing expert digital marketing and professional communication solutions to businesses, colleges, universities and government agencies since 2009. In that time we've:

  • Helped a research university set record levels for freshman enrollment
  • Helped one of the oldest restaurants in New Mexico put together an amazing Facebook Marketing presence
  • Helped grow a small corporation into a online commerce powerhouse
  • Created a specialized E-School that is generating thousands of dollars each month
  • Trained hundreds of business professionals to use and market with social media
  • And so much more!

Our digital marketing services focus on using social media to market brands, products and services, and to communicate with external constituents. For those who want to better understand social media, its use and strategies. I also provide onsite and distant training programs for all levels, from basic to advanced.

For those who simply want a stellar social media presence without worrying about tending to it every day, we provide full management support with follower acquisition, analytics and strategy planning and deployment.

For organizations with an existing social media presence I provide campaign, planning and consulting services to meet their goals and objectives, be it to increase sales, create local or national brand awareness, or promote products and services.

I have additionally provided expert website design and website development to Las Cruces since 2000. My list of clients is long and my designs are original and created for maximum usability by both my client and their customers. I create sites with e-commerce components, content management systems, galleries and blogs.

Through Word One Consulting I also provide research services, including Facebook and social media data analysis and interpretation. I can help you understand trends, markets, customers or voters.

Expertise, Experience and Success

Anyone can say they are a "social media expert," but my expertise in social media and online marketing is unrivaled, making Word One Consulting THE social media and online marketing experts in Las Cruces and El Paso! What makes us so different?

Expertise. Aside from having a Ph.D. that focused on social and digital media, I am also a recognized expert in social media marketing. I have written articles for numerous online publications, including Yahoo! Inc's Technorati and others, and have published research in prestigious journals like Technical Communication. My book, Recruiting with Social Media: Using Social Networks to Drive College Admissions is seen as one of the best resources for college recruiters.

The bottom line is, Word One Consulting provides expert social media marketing for Las Cruces and El Paso!

Experience. I began my social media marketing experience 2008 by creating the complete social media presence for the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. This school, recognized as one of the best technical colleges in America, needed guidance and expertise in social media to market its brand online. I created a strategy that immediately placed their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels at the forefront of their efforts and as a result, New Mexico Tech saw 3 straight years of record Freshman enrollment.

Success. I do not simply create Facebook pages or websites. I create partnerships with my clients. I spend an immense amount of time in communication to ensure my efforts are bringing them results. I communicate with them constantly, seeking feedback about my work, and then making adjustments to my campaigns, bringing even more results.

My track record speaks for itself. Record enrollment at New Mexico Tech, Facebook pages flooded with new Likes, Twitter accounts overflowing with followers. And more importantly, conversions: people follow and then buy or support the businesses we help.

Call me today to find out how we can help you and your business reach new heights through digital marketing, social media marketing and website design and development - 575-496-6807


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