Using Facebook Ads in Your Campaign

If you're considering integrating Facebook advertising in your small business' marketing plan, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. And while advertising through Facebook can be a bit intimidating, it could be an important part of your overall strategy. Here are some of things you'll have to think about.

What is the overall goal of the strategy? You shouldn't be trying to use Facebook ads to actually sell, that's not going to happen. Studies have found that Facebook generally isn't good at converting direct sales. However, it does two things very well: it creates awareness and recognition for your brand that did not exist before, and it creates contacts.

The brand recognition and awareness is particularly useful if you've planned the campaign with a well-designed landing tab on your Facebook page (you can only send people from your ad to a Facebook page you administer, not to a website). In other words, when they click the ad they land on a tab that informs them about your product or service.

You can also convert page likes to contacts. Though you shouldn't spam them, once they've liked the page you can create and send messages (through status updates), that continue to give them reasons to buy your service or product. You're easing them into converting, not hitting them with the hammer of hard selling.

What message are you going to give them once they get to your page? After they click the ad, where are they going to go from there? Generally you will need to create a special tab just for the campaign. If the campaign is for a certain product, they should land on a tab that demonstrates or generally teaches them about the product. If the campaign is to provide coupons, they should land on a tab with the coupon.

Generally you should view this as the opportunity to make them not only interested, but educated as well. When they leave your Facebook page, they can now make a decision about purchasing from you at a future date.

Using Facebook ads can be very effective in your marketing strategy, but you have to think differently about it than other types of traditional marketing campaigns.

If you have questions or want to discuss using Facebook advertising for your small Las Cruces or El Paso business, give us a call and we'll be happy to set up a free consulting session.

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