Consider adding blogs to your online presence

Five years ago, if you said you had a blog people probably thought you wore tight fitting pants, had a hipster haircut and lived with your parents. You probably wrote about your life, your perceptions about art or music, and you generally treated the blog as your personal journal (as in when we used to write on paper type of journal), only you allowed anyone in the world to read it.

And in truth, much of that might have been accurate. In many ways, though, blogs have changed (though, sadly, the negative perception has not). For small businesses in the Las Cruces area, a blog could be the most powerful tool in their digital marketing arsenal.

If you’re not familiar with blogs (short for weblogs), they are brief articles that relay a small amount of content about a particular subject, which are published on a personal or business website, or special blog website.

And they are very popular. In fact, the number of blogs has exploded over the past five years. One producer of a popular blogging platform—Wordpress—reported that its software is used on over 66 million sites around the world. What’s more, Wordpress is only one of dozens of platforms.

For businesses and brands, what’s even more important is the amount of reach these blogs and their articles get. In the same article, Wordpress also reported that the blogs powered by its platform are read by over 321 million visitors every month.

Blogs let businesses and brands reach consumers in a completely new and relevant way. They are mechanisms to teach consumers about a brand, product or service, and they can show consumers a different side of the business than they would normally see.

And if done right, they also increase the likelihood of being placed near the top of search results—the Holy Grail of online marketing.

If you’re not sure about it, feel a bit like queasy or are worried that you or your business will appear juvenile or unprofessional, be comforted in knowing that some of the largest companies on the planet have blogging campaigns, like IBM, Intel, Boeing, and Dell.

Not sure what to blog about? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Give your customers an inside look at your business. If you’re a restaurant maybe you can give them the scoop on how you pick and choose produce for your dishes. If you’re a retail store maybe you can tell them about your latest buying trip or trends you are seeing.

Give your customers helpful information. People are always looking for ways to save money or do something faster or better. As the owner or agent of a business, brand, product or service you are the expert in your niche. Help consumers by offering your insight into cost or time-saving methods in that niche.

Address the business itself. Blog about your business: things that are coming up, or plans that you have for expanding. What new inventory or product lines might you be adding and who would especially benefit from what you’re offering?

Review products you are carrying. Take the products or services you are selling and actually demonstrate them for consumers. Show them how something works (or doesn’t) and help them make a decision about purchasing that item.

If you begin blogging, don’t make the mistake of stopping suddenly after a short time because you think it’s not working. Keep at it. It takes time to build traffic online and it’ll take months, perhaps even a year, before you begin seeing real results.

Google and other search engines like fresh—meaning new or original—content delivered often (at least once a week). So keep that in mind as a benchmark, and happy blogging!

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