Create Online Videos to Expand Your Digital Marketing

Have you ever thought about adding videos to your digital marketing arsenal? If not, you should. Here’s why.

Youtube alone gets approximately 450 million visitors every month (according to website ranking company, Alexa). Every minute, over 48 hours of video content is uploaded to Youtube. And, every day, over 3 billion videos are watched.

Impressed yet? Well here’s something that’s even more important to small businesses trying to compete with similar businesses on the web: Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world (trailing only Google).

What’s more, Google often indexes videos ahead of other content, so videos will often appear towards the very top of the first page of search results (a place many businesses pay lots of money to be located).

Viewers can also interact with videos (at least on sites like Youtube), allowing them to provide feedback and giving the small business owner the opportunity to engage a brand new prospect through comments.

Videos are also easily shared. They can be disseminated through other social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, expanding the number of potential views and reaching even more people.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is the value it adds to your brand by giving online shoppers or potential in-town customers a way of seeing another side of both you and your business. This is extremely important in today’s climate, simply because competition has become global (no matter how small or niche you think your business is), and there’s actually very little that separates one business from others in the same category.

Creating videos helps you stand out and showcase your business. It gives potential customers the opportunity to learn about you, and it creates a relationship between those customers and yourself—especially if you give them “behind the scenes” type of videos.

And this actually leads to what is one of the two main stumbling blocks for many owners who often remark that they have no idea what they would make a video about.

Simply put, make videos about anything that gives your customers a sense of who you are and how you do what you do. You can upload a video that simply introduces your employees. You could make a video that shows customers how to complete a task with one of your products. You can make a video that demonstrates how to make one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

Anything really. Well, maybe not really. Please don’t make commercials. I guarantee nobody will watch them (unless they’re really funny: think the Old Spice Guy commercials).

The second stumbling block is the myth that these videos must have high production values, making them expensive to shoot, edit and produce, and probably requiring an outside agency to do it.

That’s simply not the case. People judge online videos by the quality of their message, not necessarily the quality of their production. People can forgive low-quality audio and the lack of flashiness if they are given worthwhile content that either educates or entertains them (or both).

Videos can be made with a small camcorder costing less than $150.00. Editing software isn’t even required either now that sites like Youtube have integrated editing features into their services, allow users to upload videos and then edit them directly on the site.

While it may not seem worthwhile, this type of social media marketing can be as effective as traditional methods (or even more so). The types of videos I recommend here create top-of-mind awareness for your brand, they initiate a bond or relationship between potential customers and your business, and they do all of that for very low prices and for a very long time.

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