4 Tips for Moving Your Facebook Friends From Your Profile to Your Business Page


Facebook is currently the most often used social network for small businesses looking to boost their marketing through social media. Interestingly there are really no specific numbers when it comes to figuring out how many small businesses are on Facebook, but some estimates put it at around 54% (which would make that about 15 million).

What’s unfortunate, however, are the high numbers of small businesses with Facebook profiles instead of pages.

As in the first statistic, there’s really no way to figure out this number, but I know through observation that in my own small town of Las Cruces, NM, I probably see 2 out of every 5 businesses with profiles instead of pages.

It’s not hard to see why this happens. Many business owners are confused about using social media in the first place, and for those who don’t use technology on a daily basis Facebook might seem pretty complicated. Most probably don’t know about the long list of differences between profiles and pages anyway.

But, the fact is, pages are for businesses and professional use, profiles are for the personal.

So what’s a small business owner to do when he or she has spent a ton of time developing relationships on a Facebook profile, and they want to shift to a page instead?

I went through this with a Congressman I was consulting for in 2011. He had reached his peak 5000 friends on his personal profile and had realized the need to migrate them to the page, so we had to develop strategies to do just that. The following four (in order) is what we went through.

1. Ask them politely to move: The most obvious tactic—simply ask your friends to move over to your Facebook page. Some will go immediately, but others will need more convincing.

2. Tell them all about the fun you’re having on the page: As you post content to your page, let your friends on your personal profile know that you’ve posted something great and wonderful so they’ll be tempted to go find out about it for themselves.

3. Bribe them: One of the nice things about pages in the first place is that they allow you to create and spread coupons and incentives. Use this feature. Give 10% off to each friend who becomes your fan, or create give-aways or other incentives to bring them over.

4. Freeze them out: After a certain period you’ll find that all but a few will finally make the transition. For those who don’t, you need to try to somehow unseat them from the profile. First, let them know that you are going to be deactivating the profile (which you should do anyway) by a certain date. Continue reminding them right up until the point when you really to deactivate the page. At the same time, stop talking to themp--stop posting updates, pictures, videos, everything (with the exception of the reminders).

You won’t get all of them to make the change—at least I’ve never seen it happen. But you will get a majority of them. Unfortunately it means that there will be some building to do.

But, fortunately you’ll have less work than someone starting from scratch.

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