Social Media Marketing for Wineries? Yes!

Using social media to market winesHere in the Las Cruces area it's getting close to wine festival time, with both the La Vina Spring Wine Festival and the Southern New Mexico Wine Festival in the offing (plus the Barrels & Blues Wine Festival being offered by St. Clair Winery in Albuquerque).

Interestingly, I see none of these festivals, or even the wineries attending them, taking full use of social media to market their wines or events.

Wineries are in a special category of businesses, and they need a marketing approach that will typically differ from others in standard marketing practices anyway.

They want to educate people about wine in general, and more specifically about their wines. They also want to promote their product and brand, not just locally or regionally, but nationally as well—regardless of the size of their winery.

Social Media Marketing is the perfect venue for promoting wines, wineries, and the outlets people can go to when looking for specific brands. In fact, some wine brands are already taking advantage of social media marketing platforms.

Constellation Brands, Inc., (one of the largest wine makers in the world) moved marketing of Arbor Mist completely online in 2010 and increased sales by 20% according to one report.

Constellation has increased social media marketing budget by 150% and overall sales have increased by 10%.

Further, in 2010, there were over 14 million discussions about wine (brands, types, recommendations and wineries) on Facebook and Twitter according to another study.

Additionally, social media campaigns are extremely effective at driving traffic and generating excitement and interest for events, especially for wine festivals and tastings—private or public.

Integrating social media promotions—in addition to generating public awareness for their presence at these events—will undoubtedly increase a winery's odds of having a successful event.

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