Make Memes to Increase your Social Media Presence

If you’re on Facebook or other social networks you’ve see them. They’re those funny pictures, clever images, and silly captions that are traded throughout blogs, Twitter and elsewhere.

They are called memes and believe it or not they are a great way to boost your presence online.

The precise definition of a meme is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.”

If you think about it, that’s what these various funny pictures, videos and images do: they spread from person to person throughout the web. As one person finds it, finds it funny, and then forwards it on to friends and family, it then gets picked up and forwarded on again by those people. Before long, this “idea, behavior or style” becomes a dominating online theme.

The term is analogous to the phrase, “going viral,” except that “memes” are the elements that go viral.

So why could they be important to a business? Simple: if you can create a meme that goes viral, and which spreads quickly over the internet and social networks with your name on it, your online brand quickly gains thousands of dollars worth of exposure.

And many businesses already know this. Proctor & Gamble’s “Old Spice Guy” campaign of 2011 went viral quickly, and generated hundreds if not thousands of memes—short videos, funny pictures and images—throughout Facebook and Twitter that people were only too happy to share.

The political campaigns too—which we’re only now beginning to recover from—were also great at creating and sharing these viral messages. The memes they created, such as a picture of President Obama telling any given person, “You didn’t build that,” did more to spread their message than any post they could have written.

And in Facebook’s case, images are valued more than text-based posts anyway. In late spring of 2012 they began using a new algorithm that calculates the importance given to status updates made by businesses and friends. In that algorithm images are granted the highest priority, thus making it more likely that an image-based meme is seen over anything else.

So how do you create them? Many of the best memes are created by professionals in the meme-making business (yes there are meme-making professionals). But you can create them too by going to a number of different websites—called meme generators—which will help you make funny or interesting images to share with your followers.

These websites include, and Each of these features some of the most popular characters and images that you can then add your funny slogan to. Likewise each allows you to create your own from scratch as well.

If you decide to integrate memes into your social media and online marketing (which you should) there are a few simple things to keep in mind. First, keep it tasteful: remember that if it spreads you will be associated with it. Second, ensure that your name is on the image itself, so that if it is copied and pasted elsewhere your brand travels with it. Third, hop on current trends or event current trending memes (what they call, memejacking) to make sure it actually has some relevance to what’s being discussed. And lastly, make sure it’s actually funny!

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