Use Online Content to the Fullest

This article is going to be an example of how you can take a single piece of content—in this case a story about your business, service or product—and use it to generate interest through a variety of mechanisms.

We will start with the content first. Let’s say you have some news to share about your business. Maybe you have added a product or maybe you have added a new service. Obviously you want the world to know about it. The most obvious thing to do—and traditionally the first thing that people do—is create a press release.

Once you have this written you will, naturally, submit it to local news and information media, like the Sun News for example. This is where the majority of business owners stop, which is a mistake because they are losing out on numerous more opportunities to spread their message.

Once you have written the press release and sent it to local media, then spend the small fee and distribute it through online press release channels. For less than $200.00 there are a number of services designed to spread your news to various news aggregator sites, like Yahoo! News and Google News. These sites in turn create links back to your website and help improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

The next step is to publish the press release as a blog article on your own site. Any content on your website that is rich in key words and phrases—the name or type of product, service or brand, for example—will help you increase traffic by also increasing your search engine rankings.

Next, push this article—now on your site—to your different social media channels by posting a brief description and the link (plus a relevant image). I would suggest at least Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn because these are the biggest and most often used for businesses and services.

Next, you can submit the web address for your press release (now an article on your website) to the many social bookmarking sites. These sites, like,, and spread articles and content of interest (photos and videos) to people interested in the topic your article or news fits in.

For example if you are unveiling a new beauty product at your store you can select the category of “health and beauty” in these websites and people who have subscribed to that topic may see and read your news.

Finally, you can submit your article to blog submission services. These sites, like and others provide an outlet for you to get your news on other blogs throughout the internet. Many bloggers actively seek content for their own sites, and so subscribe to these services for new articles.

Once you submit an article it could be picked up by a dozen or even a hundred different blog sites. Each of these have links pointing back to your own website, and each also provides an opportunity to get your story in front of a new audience that might be interested in what you do, provide or sell.

So from a single press release you can potentially get your news in front of audiences throughout the country with really just a little bit of work, and potentially spread your brand to thousands of potential customers and clients.

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