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Digital Research and Analysis

Using digital analysis tools we can conduct research on a wide range of topics or people. Would you like to know what is important to your customers? Would you like to know who influences them? Would you like to find trends in their behavior or better understand how to reach them? Our digital research services can provide this and more.

Demographic Research

Demographic research identifies the important characteristics of your target group. These characteristics will determine what your target group will most likely decide or like in marketing, opinion or political campaigns.

Our demographic research scans multiple sources of information about your target demographic, including social media and digital sources, identifying characteristics and their likely influence on your campaign. This information is consolidated into a formal report that you can easily apply to your strategy.

Voting Trend and Analysis

Our voting trend and analysis services are designed to help political or issue-based campaigns understand the likelihood of voter turnout and voter decision. Through this research, campaigns have a greater understanding of how people within a population may vote. This research will create valid walking lists and identify areas that will support and strongly support candidates and issues. In general the research will save campaigns time and money by identifying who to target their marketing towards, and how to target them.

Focus Groups

Focus groups help you understand topics that your target demographic finds important. Through group-based conversations, focus group researchers get at the heart of an issue with representatives of the groups you want to reach.

Our focus group research services help you identify members of the group you are targeting. We then we solicit and select group participants, screening everyone to ensure they are part of your target group. We next conduct the focus groups and through conversation, identify key issues your target perceives as important. Finally we prepare for you a formal report that breaks down these key issues and identifies strategies to harness this information.

Survey Creation and Dissemination

Surveys must be created so that they quickly get at the issues the researchers are interested in, while at the same time ensuring participants will actually answer the questions honestly. The questions must be written with no bias to ensure their validity and credibility.

We start our survey services by researching the primary issues of interest. We then generate a series of un-biased questions that examine the issue from different angles. Finally, after researching your target demographic, we submit the survey in the most appropriate form to a sample pool of that population.

Impact Research

Impact research is carried out to better inform a population about the results of an action to a community, city or region. Un-biased and proven research can be a powerful tool used to sway public opinion about an issue, either for or against.

Our impact research services begin by identifying the issues in question (sometimes through focus group research) related to the action (the legislation considered, etc.). We then conduct primary or secondary research on each issue identified and then consolidate that information into an informative and persuasive (but un-biased and valid) report that can be disseminated to media outlets, legislatures, etc. 

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