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We are experts in social media marketing and digital marketing services. Our experience is backed up through research and expertise and we have the most comprehensive knowledge of social media marketing strategies anywhere in Las Cruces, El Paso or the southwest. Word One Consulting's owner, Dr. Clinton R. Lanier, is a recognized expert in the field who has taught social media marketing at the university and professional level since 2008. 

Our services include:


Our premiere service. We take the worry about your social media marketing away by completely managing your social media marketing effort to help you achieve another level of success.

We begin by initially planning your strategy according to your goals and objectives, your business and products, and your customers and their demographics.

Once your strategy is planned we decide on the right channel (or channels) to use, and then create and optimize those channels for you. Each channel features different strategies and add-ons depending on the channel itself (following is a list of everything included for each management contract).

Through our efforts you can expand your fan/customer base in Facebook, create a national or global presence through Twitter or Instagram, demonstrate your products and services through Youtube, and get customers flocking to your business through digital incentives and specials.

Included for all channels:

Page branding, daily posts, updates, responses and monitoring, and follower accumulation and management.

Full monthly analytics delivered via email so you can see the progress of your social media effort.

Reputation monitoring.

Monthly discount and offer initiatives (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Discounted campaign strategy consulting

Discounted social media promotion management


World-class social media training by recognized expert, Dr. Clinton R. Lanier.

There is no better way to understand and create winning and successful social media and digital marketing initiatives than by learning from an expert. Dr. Lanier’s years of experience, education, research and consulting are at your disposal for a wide variety of topics and subjects, including:

Basic social media training: Learn the basics about the primary social media platforms. Learn which ones your customers are using and learn to use them yourself.

Social media marketing strategies: Learn how to market your business or organization through social media platforms. Learn the difference between traditional marketing methods and marketing via social media.

Specific strategies for specific platforms: Learn the different marketing strategies for each specific platform. Learn how to optimize your efforts to increase conversion and follower-acquisition for different networks.

Tailor the subject to fit your needs. Dr. Lanier can create customized workshops and topics according to your requirements.

Workshops can vary from groups as large as 2000 to one-on-one, individual training.

Book Dr. Lanier to teach a class during lunch, for half-day, all day or even multiple-day training sessions.

Speaking fees vary depending on size and preparation required, but every minute is worth it!


Our most convenient service, the Social Media Coaching service is based on you doing it for yourself. We provide an initial consultation to create your custom social media strategy, identifying what you want to do with your strategy and helping you understand how to get there (via email).

Next, we help you set up the right social media channel (or channels) according to your strategy. Finally, we help you throughout the month to make the most of your social media marketing effort, by providing tips and tricks, resources and advice. Through our Coaching Service you will quickly be running your own Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Youtube marketing campaigns.

Call today to learn more about how we can help you take your business to a whole new level! 575-496-6807

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